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The Hope Spear Wildlife Refuge Pond is a half-acre body of water that provides drinking water to wild animals. The pond is also home to amphibious animals and indigenous species of fish. The pond is completely wreathed in native wetland shrubs and herbaceous perennials to discourage Canada geese and provide food and cover for wildlife.

Guests can best view the wildlife from the vantage point of the Viewing Pavilion. Looking down, visitors are able to see the activity of birds, fish and a rotating cast of other creatures who have made the Wildlife Refuge Pond their home.

The Wildlife Refuge Pond is supported by surface runoff as well as excess water captured by the Orangerie complex roof and the Systematic Garden and Winter Garden drainage systems. When construction began in 2001, more than 2,000 shrubs and herbaceous plants were planted by staff and volunteers before the Hope Spear Wildlife Pond was formally dedicated on May 17, 2002.