Verdant and enticing, the shaggy floor of the Moss Steps has been created by a carpet of moss that has grown onto the Castalia stone steps underneath. The rocks were harvested from farm fields that were once part of Lake Erie in Sandusky County, Ohio. Because of the moisture-retaining properties of this calcareous (limestone-based) stone, it is the perfect substrate for mosses to grow. The area framing the steps has been planted with Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia), native wildflowers and ferns, offering a serene environment for the green staircase.

The steps are a recreation of a similar set designed by famed landscape architect Fletcher Steel in the garden of Worcester County Horticultural Society patron Helen Stoddard. The Moss Steps are found in the Edward Mezitt Shade Garden.

The Asian Woods contain Asian and Eurasian counterparts to our North American flora.

Moss steps