During February vacation week, witches, wizards, and warlocks are invited to Tower Hill to explore the magic and mystery of plants. Join us for drop-in activities, crafts, classes and more!

Maple Sugaring
Saturday, February 16, 11am-12pm 

Member $5 child, $8 adult; Non-member $10 child, $23 adult
Everything’s better with maple syrup! Join a local expert as we tap some of the resident maple trees at Tower Hill and learn the magic behind harvesting sap and making this tasty treat.

Magic Show (All ages)
Sunday, February 17, 11:30–12NOON
Member & Non-member $3 per person at door
Come be mystified at this special plant-themed magic show with magician Steven Craig.  See a preview of his performance here.

Free Family Walk (All ages)
Monday–Sunday, February 18–24, 1–2PM
Winter casts a spell over the trails and gardens. Enjoy a guided nature walk through our wintry landscape.

Garden Discoveries (Ages 3–5)*
Wednesday, February 20, 10:30–11:30AM
Join us for a story, craft, and short guided walk in the gardens and along the trails.

Story Time (All ages)
Thursday, February 21 & Sunday, February 24, 10:30–11AM
Join us for a half hour of stories about plants, animals, the seasons, and more!

Magical Mini-Gardens (Ages 5+)*
Thursday, February 21, 11am–12:30pm (sold-out)
Thursday, February 21, 1:00 PM – 2:30 pm

Member $15 child, adult free; Non-member $20 child, $15 adult
Learn how to take care of some of Tower Hill’s strangest plants and use your imagination to create your own magical miniature garden in this hands-on workshop.

Wand Workshop (Ages 4–11)*  (sold-out)
Friday, February 22, 11AM–12:30PM
Friday, February 22, 1–2:30PM
Member $10 child, adult free; Non-member $15 child, $15 adult
Create your very own wizard wand and cast a spell on the gardens as we embark on a magical journey through the grounds. For aspiring witches and wizards only.

Plant Potions (Ages 6+)*
Saturday, February 23, 1–2:30PM
Member $15 child, adult free; Non-member $20 child, $15 adult
Join us as we explore the amazing world of apothecary. From herbal remedies to skin care and household cleaners, we will practice the art of herbal crafting and medicine making for the entire family.