Garden Resiliency Fund

We sought your help during these challenging times.  We asked you to believe, as we do, that the simple act of planting is an act of hope.  We can see clearly that our community believes in that hope because of the amazing response that Tower Hill Botanic Garden received to our Garden Resiliency Fund Campaign.  Thank you.

In a time of overwhelming need, when so many are asking for your assistance, it can be easy to think that natural destinations like Tower Hill may not be essential.  But we know that Tower Hill is a respite: a welcoming place of solace and beauty, an environment to explore and enjoy.

When we launched the Garden Resiliency Fund in May, just over twelve weeks ago, we knew that we had to raise $500,000 to help Tower Hill start fighting a deficit of over $1,000,000 by July 31st due to the COVID19-related closure and reduced admissions.

With your help, we surpassed our $500,000 goal.  Over 610 generous members and friends stepped forward and donated just over $700,000, ensuring that our irreplaceable botanic collections are maintained and enriching programs can continue to be offered.  We are humbled by such a generous and amazing response.

As you know, Tower Hill is “back” to a new normal.  Over 16,750 people have visited since our reopening in late May.  Although daily attendance is increasing, it is limited to 50% of our usual capacity.  Income from membership, gate admissions, garden shop sales, café dining, and private events continues to be severely impacted.  But the generosity of our donors is helping us move forward.

Thank you to our donors for helping us to make available world class gardens, stunning views, magical woodlands, and gardening and environmental programs.  Tower Hill can truly help the much-needed healing process by proving a place of reflection and offering new ways of connecting to nature and to one another.

Jim Karadimos
Board President

Grace C. Elton
Chief Executive Officer

Dix Leeson
Trustee and Chair of Development Committee

Over 100% Raised

We have raised $700,777
of our $500,000 goal
from 603 donors and members!

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Moments from the Garden’s Reopening

“Reunited and it felt so absolutely, positively amazing. Tower Hill, I missed you so! Drove down that driveway after a seemingly short 4 hour visit with the biggest grin on my face.” – Kelly K.

“We’ve been members for a good part of the last 15 years. Going back to Tower Hill brought back some normalcy in this crazy time. It was good to see the bees weren’t bothered by the pandemic.” – Andrea V.

Garden Resiliency Fund Donors

Kimberly Abraham
Carol Addy
Ritu Aggarwal
Eneida Aguilar
The George I. Alden Trust
Richard Allen
Mary Ambrose
American Rhododendron Society
Anonymous (21)
Trudy and Roy Antonelli
Cathy and Dean Arvidson
Martha Atkins
Virginia Atwood
Anita Baltzersen
Rowena Banay
Jeanne and Blake Barnes
Patricia Barrie
Roseanne Barsamian
Jerry Beavers
Mara and Conrad Beliveau
Brittany Bell
Holly and Samuel Bell
Randi Benson
Anne Bergeron and Steve Welleier
Barbara Bernardin
Elizabeth Berry
Sisir Bhattacharya
Jason Bikofsky
Frank and Judy Bissett
David and Islay Boeri
Santos Bojorquez
Christopher Borg
Elisabeth Borg
Richard Borjeson
Diana Bostock
Arthur Bouche
Anne Bouvier-Monroe
Kelly Boyle
Jeanne Bracken
Susan Brennan
Kathleen Brown
Stephanie Brunnett
Michael Bryne
Patricia Bukoski
Robert and Laura Burgess
Minerva Butler
Buxton Branch of the American Begonia Society
Steven Caissie
Barbara Callahan
Alice Campbell
Susan and Paul Campion
Sophia Capello
Peter and Rae Carlsen
Sally Carlton
Martha Chagnon
Abby Chandler
Beth Chartier
David Charubini
Maggie Childress
Chris Chiumento
Doris and Gary Christelis
Andrienne Clark
Susan and David Clark
Alison Cohen
Maria Cole
Deborah Coleman
Carol and Randy Collord
Catherine Colinvaux and Phillip Zamore
Nancy Connolly
Jennifer Converse
Phil Cornetta
Susan Cote
Elizabeth Cotton
Jason and Judy Cotton
Edward Council and Bridget McManus
James Craver
Diane Cryan
Carole Cunniff
Jaana Cutson
Nancy Dagdigian
Edward and Arabella Dane
Jeremy Darling
Laurie and Phil Davis
Nancy Degon
Betsy DeMallie
Lorri Demers
Mary Lee DeSantis
Kathleen Devericks
Jeanne Dietel
Andreanna Doane
Stephen and Gretchen Doret
Cynthia Duerden
Michael and Sarah Duffy
John Duquette
Lorena Duquette
Leslie Duthie
Mark Dyen
Kate Eldrige
Jane and Perry Ellis
Lauren Eng
Susan Engel
Curtis Falzoi
Claire Farrell
Tiffany Featherstone
Rute Fernandes
Gabi Ferreira
Evan Ferrell
Janice Ferrell
Elizabeth Taylor Fessenden Foundation
James Fessenden
Dennis Fitzgerald and Nancy Lanzarone
Nevin Flanagan
Mary and Warner Fletcher
Martin Fogle
Corinna Foley
Pamela Fredrickson
Robert Friesner
Siobhan Gallagher
David Gamari
Sarah Gardner
Nicole Garvey
Laura Gaudette
Margaret Gauthier
Arne Gericke
Robert Gill
Cindy Gingrich
Joe Giroux
Karen Glowacki
Joyce Godfrey
Timothy Goggins
Amanda Colledge
Bambi Good
Debora Goodwill
Thomas Gorman
Cynthia Graber
Patricia Gray
Dot Green
Leslie Grenier
Alexis Griffin
Celina Guitare
Branden Gunn
Paul Gustafson
Abe and Linda Haddad
John and Zella Haesche
Donna Haggett
Serena Hall
Thomas and Patricia Halpin
Tom and Kate Halpin
Dale and Jean Harger
Deborah and Stephen Hartline
Sepideh Hashemi
The Richard A. Heald Fund
Matthew Helser
Ulrich Herken
Joanna Hermanns
Frances Herron Fund
Anne Hersh
Kevin Hickey and Laurie McCrohon
Lou Anna Hinckley
Sarah Hobart
Catherine Hodgson
Eric Hoffman
Shelia Hokanson
Mark Hruby
Kimberly Hutchinson
Anna Jablonka
Howard and Francis Jacobson
Michael Jacobson
Molly Jacques
Gitu and Navin Jain
Tay Ann Jay
Beth Johnson
Brice Johnson
Sharon Johnson
William Kadish
Joel Kahn
Ali Kane
Tom Kane
Jim Karadimos and Bill Beever
Janet Kazienko
David Kasprzak
Peggy Kellner
Laura Kelmar
Danielle Kemslely
Stacey Kendall
Pamela Kennedy
Rick Kimball
Judy King
Erin Koester
Christopher Kohler
Brooks Kowal
Donna Kramer
Allen and Sharon Krause
John and Ginny Krawetz
Linda Kusnierz
Lauren Labreche
Jessica A. Lang
Jean Langley
Nancy LaPelle
Shannon Laptewicz
Maggie Lavelle
Karen LeBlanc
Katherine Leblanc
John and Annette Lee
Dix and Roxy Leeson
Rick and Jean Leif
Giorgio Leo
Sheila-Beth Leonard
Angela Lewandowski
Diane Libbey
Peter Littlefield
Ann Lisi and Joel Greene
Carol Long
Jackie Long-Goding
Taisia Lowe
Michael Lowery
Michael Machnowski and Jenny Loew
Richard Mackoul
Jennifer Maher
Patrick Mahoney
Baltej and Indira Maini
Faren Williams and Luke Maki
Dara Man
Caitlin Mandel
Manton Foundation
Rocco Marino and Sheila Botti
Victoria Masotta-Scioli
Massachusetts Cultural Council
Mass Humanities
Leslee Masten
Linda Mattlage
Mala Maurer
Paul Mayo
John McCarthy
Janet McCourt
Nancy and Lawrence McCusker
The C. Jean & Myles McDonough Charitable Foundation
C. Jean McDonough
Lisa and Neil McDonough
Martha McLure
Amy McNulty
Melia, Rita
Pearl Menezes
Catherine Metzler
Betty and Bernard Meyer
Douglas and Diane Meystre
Wayne and Beth Mezitt
Kathy and Henry Michie
Regina Miloslavsky
Mary Mitchell
Samantha Miville
Erik Moore
Amanda Moran
Ellen More
Gale and Philip Morgan
Barbara L. Morse
Christine Muller
Mark Muncey
Lynn Murray
Kate and Tom Napoli
Stephen Nault
Cheryl Nelson
Christopher Nelson
Aaron Neslin
Caroline Neumann and Karl Oye
New England Daylily Society
Dawna Norum
Wanda and Donald Null
Clare O’Connor
Chris Olwell
Doris O’Keefe
Cheryl and David O’Neil
Nancy Opp
Suzan Osborn
Luisa O’Toole
Susan and Chris Palatucci
Dr. Martha Pappas
Priscilla Parkhurst
Jeffrey Paster and Karen Keefe
Janice Pasternak
Jack Peacock
Jessica Pederson
Sandra Peterson
Sue and Craig Phyfe
Stephen and Cynthia Pitcher
Phyllis Pollack
Edward Porzio
Douglas Potter
Jennifer Potter
Emily Prashad
Emily Ramasra
Gail Randall
Chris and Kita Reece
Frank and Sam Reece
Savannah Renaud
Katherine Reynolds
Elaine Richardson
Mark and Allison Richardson
Devin Richardt
Dorothy Robbins
Diane and Bill Robbins
Ted and Linda Robbins
Ashley Rockwell
Barbara Rolfes
Donna and Robert Rooks
Richard Roseberry
Pamela Rosi
Hope Rubin and Jeff Haselton
Kent and Aisling Russell
Savanna Russell
Ryan Associates
Meghan Ryan
Jodi Rymer
Elizabeth Sanning
Cristina Sastre
Michael Saunders
Skylar Saunders
Cara Savelli
Barbara Scolnick
Carol Seager
Emily Seaman
Kathryn Selvitelli
Susan Seppa
Ruth Seward
Jan Seymour and Eric Brose
Rashmi Sharma
Jacquelyn Shartin
Mary and Ted Shasta
Bonnie Shattuck
Dennis Shaw
Paulette Sherrill
Vivian Shortreed
Andrew Sigel
Jang Singh
Ruth Skala
Ruth Smolash
Angela Snell
Joyce Southworth
Margaret Spaulding
Karen Spurling
Consuelo Staheli
Ann Stamm and Milton Kerr
Samuel Stauffer
Adam Stephano
Diane Steward
Edward Stillwell
In Memory of Phyllis B. and John L. Stoddard
Marie Sturgis
Brady Summers
Jean Sweet
Betsy Szymczak
Alicia Taggert
Lisa Tavares
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Teves
Kathleen Thurmond
Ellenette Tindall
Herb and Suzy Tobin
George and Lynne Tonna
Robert Traupe
Phil and Susan Treide
Larry Turka
Susan Ukena
Robert Van Dyck
Patti and Paul Verderese
Ann Verhage
Beth and Thomas Vetras
Leslie Wales
Liam Wash
Carlton Watson and Anita Masterson
Mary Weber
Gayle and Chick Weiss
William and Susan Whalen
Robin and Wally Whitney
Sandra and Art Williams
Shirley Williams
Rebecca Wilson
Sally Wilson
Julie Wolf
Worcester Together
Deborah Wright
Shoshanah Zaritt
Alicia Ziegler

Additional Membership Contributions

Mary Barakat
Ann Barbato
Fritz Bauer
Jessica Beauchemin
Pamela Berg
Frances Berger
Richard Blanchard
Dan Borkowski
Sheryl Brower
Beth Cail
Ingrid Capers
Jan Carchedi
Stephen Carey
Denise Carlson
Sarah Carmichael
Wendy Clayton
Jeanne Cutson
Jaana Clutson
Jeremy Darling
Ann Diplama
Stephen Drouin
Cynthia Duerden
Alissa Duke
Stephenie Dzurnak
Susan Engel
James Engler
Patricia Erickson
Lisa Fitzgerald
Joan Forbes
Michael Frederick
Douglas Frost
Patrice Fullen
Mark and Jan Fuller
Beth Fullerton
Carol and George Gay
Janet Gerenz
Louise and David Gleason
Gerald Gleich
in donor level
William Gordon
Alexander Grant
Abby Greiner
Branden and Erica Gunn
Joseph Haebler
Persis Hamilton
Michael Hanavan
Charlene Hendry
Grace Hewett
Laurel Higham
William Hill
Sharon Hobey
William Hoffman
Lise Holdorf
Michele Horan
Carl Howe
Maria Howlett
Anthony and Karen Imbalzano
Christine Jameson
Patricia Johnson
Susan Johnson
Sheila Julien
Jennifer Ketcham
Linda Kimball
Janell Kingsley
Dominique Kintzer
Marie Kitchen
Susan and Roger Landess Towne
Michelle Lawson
Dennis LeBlanc
Francis Leesha
Jun Li
Michelle Lynn
Denise MacAloney
Helen MacMellon
Marion Maher
Paula Mahon
Philip Manseau
Sarah Marshall
Andrea Marie M. Mattei
Elizabeth Mattison
Deborah Mayerson
Susan McConville
Leslie McDonough
Janet McGrath
Richard Mitchell
Diana Moraco
Emily Moroney
Thomas Mulrey
Beth Napoli
Kirsten and Eric Newman
Shirley and Peter Nute
Sarah Olsen
Sylvia Pabreza
Douglas Palino
Mary Ann Palmer
Judith Palmieri
Ann Panetta
Nicholas Panzarino
listed above
Lynn Patterson
Karen Pedevillano
Rachel Petith
Brenda Plainte TBD
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Quinn
Muriel and Tom Rhea
Ann Ribbens
Richard Rene
Alison Ricker
Ben Robbins
Gloria Roe
Dennis Roggi
Joyce Rosenfield
Jodi Rymer
Sara Salomon
Linda Sanford
Katharine Sawrey
Lisa M. Sequeira
Elaine Shaw
Patricio Silva
Janet Sjolund
Carolyn Somma
Billy Soo
Erin Spencer
Lynn and Theodore Stachnick
Caroline and John Stoffel
Carole Stomieroski
Stephanie Stratton
Patricia Sutman
James Targove
Robin Tempone
Margaret Thomas
Karen Troy
Tim Wachtmann
Matthias Wascheck
Kristin Waters
Marie and Darleen Wood
Jane Woolsey
Katherine Wren and Hugh Chandler
Joseph Wright
Lisa Zhou

*Donor list as of August 17, 2020
Contact for queries about recognition on this website
Image Credits: @tina.kulow, Louis Dundlin, Jessica Roseman