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We are delighted that you are considering taking pictures at Tower Hill Botanic Garden. The guidelines outlined below are intended for all guests, but a permit is necessary for those who wish to use Tower Hill as a backdrop for photography sessions. We ask all photographers to please help us to maintain the integrity of the Gardens by honoring these policies. They are intended to ensure that Tower Hill can fulfill its goal to make the world a better place by connecting people and plants through excellence in horticulture.

Photographs are a wonderful way to remember your visit. For your own enjoyment, visitors and members are welcome to take photographs of plants, individuals and subjects that capture the events of your visit. If you are a visitor using a device that takes pictures or video, you must follow the General Photography Policies for All listed below.

1) Photographers must not interfere with the visiting experience of other guests at Tower Hill Botanic Garden.
2) Moving or removing plants (inside or out) or structures that are part of the Gardens—such as benches, containers, displays, plant signs, fences, etc.—is strictly prohibited.
3) No photographer, assistant or subject may step in flower beds, fountains, walls, benches or places other than on designated paths and open grassy areas. Climbing or mounting equipment in trees or on buildings is not permitted.
4) Balloons, kites and flying lanterns are prohibited. Please contact the Private Events Department to gain approval for any props you would like to use.
5) All photo subjects must be fully and appropriately clothed. Swimsuit photo shoots are not permitted.
6) All cords or wires must be placed and guarded in a way that doesn’t alter the pathways and put Garden visitors at risk.
7) Photographers will be held accountable for their actions and those of clients, crew members and subjects if they damage Tower Hill facilities and property.

You may share your photos of the Gardens on social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram. Feel free to join our online community by checking your images in at Tower Hill Botanic Garden or by using the hashtag #towerhillbg. If you are not selling your images or being paid to capture the images, you are encouraged to take and share as many pictures as you like (Paid photographers should refer to Commercial Photography and Portrait Photography below). You are welcome to share images you are particularly proud of with with the Public Relations Department for consideration to be shared by Tower Hill with credit on our social media platforms.

The image, logo and name of Tower Hill Botanic Garden are registered trademarks and may not be used by outside parties without permission.

Visitors may be filmed, videotaped, and/or photographed by an employee or contract photographer. Admission serves as permission for the use of images of visitors by the Tower Hill Botanic Garden and its constituents. Tower Hill Botanic Garden is a public place and as such photos of our guests are permitted as they would be in any public space, such as a park, trail, or roadway. However, visitors may ask – either the photographer or a Tower Hill staff member – not to be photographed. Tower Hill asks all photographers to respect the wishes of Tower Hill’s guests, many of whom visit Tower Hill for its tranquility among beautiful plants. Harassment of any visitor or infringement on their personal space is prohibited. Please contact us if you would like your picture removed from one of our online platforms.

Photo clubs seeking to visit the Garden must register their groups and arrange for admission payment at least two weeks in advance with the Volunteer Coordinator. Such groups may be asked to restrict their activities to certain places or times, depending on the Gardens’ schedule and the size of the group.

Fee-based classes seeking to visit the Garden are considered commercial photography. All commercial photography must be submitted in advance to the Private Events Department for approval by Tower Hill Botanic Garden.

Tower Hill welcomes the opportunity to have the word spread about the gardens throughout many media platforms. Photojournalists, bloggers, television crews, and freelancers must coordinate their visit with the Public Relations Department

Tower Hill Botanic Garden defines commercial photography as fashion shoots, advertising, films, fee-based classes, and promotion. All commercial photo shoot and video applications must be submitted in advance to the Private Events Department for approval by Tower Hill Botanic Garden. Tower Hill reserves the right to further define Commercial Photography on a case-by-case basis.

Tower Hill Botanic Garden defines portrait photography as all wedding, engagement, quinceañera, family, maternity, portfolio, prom, graduation, and any other posed portraiture. Tower Hill reserves the right to further define Portrait Photography on a case-by-case basis.

All portrait photography must be approved, scheduled, and paid for in advance. For more information and to request a photo session date please see the attached information packet and registration form.

Portrait Photography Season Pass:  Photographers may wish to take advantage of Tower Hill’s Portrait Photography Season Pass program which provides considerable savings on portrait photography shoots and includes additional amenities offered only to Photographer’s Season Pass holders. Please see Portrait Photography Season Pass Guidelines for more information and application.