Tower Hill Botanic Garden gives credit to the following talented photographers for the usage of their images throughout our website. We apologize if we left any name out. If you see a photo that is yours and haven’t been credited, please contact and we will add your name here. Thank you.

Elena Alexandrova
Karen Brockney
Bridgette Braley
Brooks Canaday
C Chitins
Tina Crespo
Seth J Dewey Photography

Jeremie Doucette
Kate Wollansak Freeborn
David Julian

Brian Hale
Amy Hopkinson
Mary Kocol
Mala Lam
Lea St. Germain Photography

MrDrew Photography
Garnick Moore Photography
Jonathan McElvery
Matt Modoono
Megan O’ Neil
Adam Rose

Angelina Rose
Candy Shively
M Smale
Ewings Photography Studio

Imagery Studio
Tara Sullivan
Nancy Terlato
Troy B. Thompson Photography
John Valadas Photography
Matt Volpini

Kelly Wagner
Liz West