September through October, 2020

Bigfoot, Dragons, Sprites, oh my!  

Legends and myths abound this fall at Tower Hill. The stories you grew up hearing have come to life along with some surprise creatures that reside only at Tower HillExplore our gardens and grounds to discover what Bigfoot’s favorite food is, learn about the nesting habits of dragons, and catch a glimpse of the mysterious Kraken. (For information about Tower Hill’s COVID-19 safety precautions and how to order tickets to visit, click here.)

What to Expect

  • Locate a creature map in one of three ways:
    1. Download and print it from our website in advance
    2. Take a picture of the map on the main sign at the front entrance to the Garden
    3. Take a picture of the QR code on the main sign to pull up a digital version of the map
  • Once at Tower Hill set off on a magical journey and use your map to locate the creatures hiding all over the Garden
  • At each creature location, you will find a sign with fun facts, tips, and warnings!

Eye Lichen
Letharia oculi
Worm-like creatures, covered in lichen, that are always watching you.

Eye Pitcher
Sarracenia oculi
Small, creepy, carnivorous plants that require compliments from humans to grow.

American Bigfoot
Footus americanus
A giant, hairy, animal that is very shy and hates singing. 

Freshwater Kraken
Aqua kraken
An inky, eight-legged, aquatic menace that hates company.

Mammoth Moth
Gynnidomorpha mammoth
An oversized, mouthless moth, that sleeps during the day and fly’s at night.

Lignum vulgares
Wise, fungi-loving, creatures that look like trees but are far more interesting.

Snaggletooth Flytrap
Dionaea snaggulus
A three-headed carnivore that will snap you up if it feels you coming.

Northern Fireball Dragon
Draco septemtrionis
A dangerous winged creature that nests in the Tower Hill forests.

Peeper Creeper
Rhamnales creeperii
A territorial creature that will cause you to crave chocolate cake if you look it directly in the eye.

Giant Soil Snake
Indotyphlops soli
A giant snake that lives in the soil and eats dragon eggs.

Water Sprite
Aqua mediocris
A mischievous, fairy-like creature, that lives near the water and likes to play tricks. 

Garden Sprite
Hortus mediocris
A peaceful, fairy-like creature, that is nomadic and appreciates botanical offerings.

Mythical Creature Walk | Ages 3-10
Go on a magical behind the scenes tour of our Mythical Creatures exhibit.
Friday, September 11, 5-6PM (Sold out)
Friday, September 25, 5-6PM
M: $5 CHILD, $7 ADULT; NM: $10 CHILD, $18 ADULT

Mythical Dish Garden | Ages 6-12
Plant and decorate your own dish garden, complete with a mythical friend.
Saturday, September 26, 10:30AM-12PM
M: $35 CHILD, $0 ADULT; NM: $40 CHILD, $15 ADULT

Mythical Masks | Ages 7-12
Use cut paper, cardboard, feathers, and other natural materials to create a magical, mystical mask.
Saturday, October 10, 10:30AM-12PM
M: $15 CHILD, $0 ADULT; NM: $20 CHILD, $15 ADULT

Fairy Houses & Gnome Homes | Ages 6-12
Use all-natural materials to create your own fairy house or gnome home.
Saturday, October 3, 1:30-3PM
Sunday, October 11, 1:30-3PM
M: $25 CHILD, $0 ADULT; NM: $30 CHILD, $15 ADULT

Use these resources to enhance your visit or extend the fun at home!



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