In both times of loss or times of celebration, the beauty of Tower Hill Botanic Garden has inspired many to make a memorial or commemorative gift in honor of a loved one. Throughout the gardens, many benches and trees bear the names of those who have passed, as well as celebrations such as wedding anniversaries, milestone birthdays, or other important accomplishments. Such memorial gifts feature a plaque with the name of the individual being honored and those making the contribution.

Trees ($5,000 contribution)
Trees in the garden are often dedicated to represent the lasting strength and impact loved ones have on us. For those who are interested in dedicating a tree, the Horticulture and Advancement teams will collaborate with you to select an existing, thriving tree that embodies the spirit of the individual being honored.

Benches ($10,000 contribution)
Throughout the garden, benches offer places for contemplation, relaxation, and remembrance. For those interested in dedicating a bench, the Advancement team will collaborate with you to select a location for a bench that inspires fond memories of the honored individual for you and other visitors.

Additional Information about Tree & Bench Dedications:

  • The location for a tree or bench is always dependent on the Master Plan of Tower Hill Botanic Garden and our long term vision for the garden. The Advancement and Horticulture teams will work with you to find the perfect location to honor your loved one, in a place that contributes to the beauty of the garden, as a whole.
  • With your contribution, a plaque will be installed on the bench or near the tree with your loved one’s name and other applicable commemorative information.
  • On the day of dedication, we will provide you with a complimentary private room to host friends and family for a memorial or celebratory gathering. Catering needs may be arranged separately through our Private Events department. If you are interested, the Advancement team will work the Private Events team to coordinate this event with you.

Seasonal Planting Dedication ($250 – $2500 contribution)
Celebrate an important moment in the life of your loved one by dedicating a seasonal planting in the garden. Work with the Advancement and Horticulture teams to identify a vibrant display that can be dedicated for the year. Watch your space of the garden transform through the seasons as you commemorate the your loved one throughout the year. Dedicated seasonal plantings are marked with an engraved plaque, which you may take as a keepsake upon completion of the dedication term.

We appreciate the generosity of our memorial and commemorative donors. Such gifts fuel Tower Hill Botanic Garden’s operations so that we may continue to be a place of beauty, healing, and reflection for all of our visitors. Memorial gifts can be made by visiting and adding the name of the tribute in at the bottom of the page. If the tribute has passed, you will be prompted to add the contact information of the family for recognition. You may also make a memorial contribution via check made payable to WCHS, mailed to PO Box 598, Boylston, MA 01505.

To discuss dedication opportunities or to learn more, please contact Ali Kane, Development Manager, or 508.869.6111 x114

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, all donations to Tower Hill, including memorial gifts and dedications, are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.