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Horticultural Heroes Exhibit

On View: March 5 – May 12
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 9, 1–3pm
Milton Gallery
This spring Tower Hill will celebrate heroes from the plant world and encourage viewers to become heroes in their communities. This one-of-a-kind exhibit features portraits by local artists of diverse leaders of horticulture, including marginalized groups, who have championed their causes throughout history. Learn more about this exhibit. Support projects like this. Inquire about featuring this exhibit at your museum.

Hover over each hero’s portrait below to learn more about each person.

Horticultural Hero: Michelle Obama
Artist: Elizabeth Koah


Horticultural Hero: Tomitaro Makino
Artist: Yoko Ohara


Horticultural Hero: Cynthia Westcott
Artist: Carrin Culott


Horticultural Hero: Katie Stagliano
Artist: Robea Nordman


Horticultural Hero: Wangari Muta Maathai
Artist: Nettrice Gaskins


Horticultural Hero: Johnny Appleseed
Artist: Sharon Bahosh


Horticultural Hero: Ron Finley
Artist: Susan Hong-Sammons


Horticultural Hero: Marjorie Stoneman Douglas
Artist: Trisha Danforth


Horticultural Hero: Frederick Law Olmsted
Artist: Veronique Latimer


Horticultural Hero: Natasha Bowens
Artist: Rebecca Duffy


Horticultural Hero: Zara Ciscoe Brough
Artist: Jamie Andrade


Horticultural Hero: Rachel Carson
Artist: Maria Palkon


Horticultural Hero: Karen Washington
Artist: Maya Allegro


Horticultural Hero: Ibn Al Baitar
Artist: Julie Anglea Theresa


Horticultural Hero: Maria Moreira
Artist: Rachel Armington


Horticultural Hero: Theodosia Burr
Artist: Caitlin Mitchell


Horticultural Hero: Janaki Ammal
Artist: Lisa Graves


Horticultural Hero: Pearl Fryar
Artist: Deborah Tarsitano


Horticultural Hero: George Washington Carver
Artist: Donna Berger


Horticultural Hero: Marion Coffin
Artist: Fleur Thesmar


Watch the video from the Opening Reception


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