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Tower Hill leaves an impression on us all

It didn’t take long for CEO Grace Elton to realize what was special about Tower Hill. It was equal parts people, plants, and a rich history that feeds today’s mission. Read More


Love blooms, endures in the gardens

Tower Hill is honored to be the setting of so many special memories for our visitors, members, and donors. One couple’s story was so inspiring, we had to share. Read More


Twigs Cafe

Twigs Cafe offers farm to table experience to visitors

Area nonprofit Lettuce Be Local has helped Tower Hill chef David Bigelbach source local ingredients for Twigs Cafe, allowing a farm to table program at Tower Hill thrive.
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Garden within reach

Growing up in the Garden Within Reach

The vertical gardening wall, flush with edibles, herbs, and flowers, comes together each spring thanks to the collaboration of guests, volunteers, and horticulture staff.
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Burmese youth find refuge in Tower Hill’s gardens

Nature, plants, and the outdoors can help smooth the transition from one home to another. This spring a budding partnership, with roots in landscape art, began to do just that.
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What was New England life like back in 1842?

As we honor 175 years of the Worcester County Horticultural Society, we reflect on the times of the founders as they established one of the earliest organizations of its kind in the U.S.
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