The Cary Award program promotes outstanding plants for New England gardens. Named in honor of Shrewsbury plantsman Ed Cary, it highlights home landscape plants that have proven their performance in New England. Any person may nominate a plant they think is worthy of receiving this award. The award is given to the plant, not the person nominating it.

New England’s most seasoned horticulturists come together yearly to select Cary Award winners. Over the years many plants, from stately evergreen trees to brilliant shrubs, glorious vines to superior ground covers, have been selected for this honor. All of those chosen share a few key qualities – they are outstanding plants for New England gardens due to their hardiness, adaptability, availability, pest and disease resistance and season-extending characteristics. The award highlights plants of note for home gardeners, landscape designers, and architects.

Cary Award is an award program of Tower Hill Botanic Garden.

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