Enjoy Colorful Blooms in the Systematic Garden


This summer visitors will notice some updates in the Systematic Garden meant to bring more color to the space. Our horticulture team has been working hard this spring to reimagine planting beds in this garden to offer new and inviting visuals for guests to be inspired by. Returning visitors may recognize the planters used to [...]

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Spring Lawn Garden Improvements


By Robert Burgess Senior Communications Manager Despite dealing with the hardships of COVID-19, this spring the Horticulture Team was able to make many improvements in the Lawn Garden. Some guests will notice as new plants grow into their new spaces and others changes will blend in indiscernible even to staff, volunteers, and regular visitors. Guests [...]

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Teen Nature Photography Challenge


Peonies in the Lawn Garden, photo © J S McElvery Hannah Brier & Marissa Gallant Tower Hill Staff  This summer Tower Hill Botanic Garden challenges you to connect with nature in its many forms and embrace your inner artist. Our teen photography challenge is open to everyone ages 13 to 18. Check out our [...]

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Recognizing the Importance of Juneteenth


Today we celebrate Juneteenth, which commemorates freedom in the United States of America. Cookouts and festivals may have been canceled this year, but the spirit of Juneteenth remains, including calling to attention the life of George Washington Carver. Carver (1860s-1943) was born enslaved and later developed forms of sustainable farming to assist sharecroppers and other [...]

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Construction Will Ease Entry to Gardens


Mark Richardson Horticulture Director   July 14 UPDATE: The following post has been updated to reflect plans for temporary garden access and to outline guest entry experience impacts during construction. Construction is presently scheduled to begin July 20. At that time, the entry ramp to the Lawn Garden and Stoddard Visitor and Education Center [...]

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DIY Plant Press


Suzanne Hauerstein & Marissa Gallant Tower Hill Staff  Spring and summer bring new growth and along with it a variety of plant life to explore. Grab a field guide and head outside to identify some of your favorite backyard plants, wildflowers, and trees and get some inspiration for bringing a bit of nature indoors [...]

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