Top 10 Nature-Inspired Board Games 


By Ali Kane THBG Grants Manager While the weather is dreary and your favorite botanic garden is closed, don’t miss the opportunity to stay connected to nature! These nature-inspired board games will keep you busy all afternoon. Thank you to the Commonheart (a weekly Worcester-based board meet-up), That’s Entertainment (with locations in Worcester and Fitchburg), [...]

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How to Prune and Propagate Vining Houseplants 


Matthew Tetreault  THBG Conservatory Horticulturist   For this demonstration, I will be pruning and taking cuttings from my Monstera adansonii. As we can see above, it has put on a lot of growth and become a bit scraggly. Most vines respond quite well to a good haircut, so I’ll be cutting this one back pretty heavily. For starters, you’ll want to make [...]

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Let’s not go back to “normal.” Let’s be better (to nature)


By Robert Burgess Tower Hill Senior Communications Manager We’re living in uncertain times. No one knows for sure what’s going to happen next. We hope for the best. We make prudent choices. And we wait.  But nature doesn’t wait. Nature moves forward regardless of what we face. The sun looms a little longer each [...]

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Story Time: Searching for Spring 


By Marissa Gallant Youth Education Manager There is so much to explore right in your own backyard. Wherever you live in the suburbs, city, or the country you can find signs of nature everywhere you turn. With the arrival of spring many plants and animals start to wake up. Birds return from their warmer [...]

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5 Tips for Socially Responsible Hiking During the Coronavirus Threat


By Robert Burgess Tower Hill Staff While Gov. Charlie Baker has issued a stay-at-home advisory, he pointed out that citizens can still go outside. In fact, connecting with plants and nature is important for our mental and physical health. Taking a walk each day can help stem off cabin fever. Here are 5 Tips [...]

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Scavenger Hunt Ideas: What Can You Find in Nature?


By Marissa Gallant Youth Education Manager Exploring outdoors and creating time to play freely in nature are vital for children’s cognitive and physical development. Scavenger hunts are a great way to challenge children of any age and can help us notice the details in the world outside. The suggestions that follow help children evaluate, [...]

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