By Marissa Gallant
Youth Education Manager

There is so much to explore right in your own backyard. Wherever you live in the suburbs, city, or the country you can find signs of nature everywhere you turn. With the arrival of spring many plants and animals start to wake up. Birds return from their warmer winter homes, flowers start to bloom, and we can finally leave our jackets behind. Join us to learn about one of our favorite spring flowers here at Tower Hill and see how a daffodil grows and changes with our illustrated guide. Take a stroll through Youth Education Manager Marissa Gallant’s backyard in the city and follow the steps below to make your own springtime daffodil with items you have at home.  

What signs of spring and the changing seasons will you find in your own backyard? 

Searching for Spring 


Ready to make your own daffodil? You will need:  

  • Scissors 
  • Yellow paper 
  • Cupcake liner 
  • Glue
  • Popsicle stick
  • Markers or crayons 

Once you have gathered your materials, download the daffodil template and trace on to your yellow paperIf you’re feeling adventurous, create your own petals by drawing a star shape directly on to your yellow paper. Once you have your petals, follow the five simple steps below.  

  1. Cut out your daffodil shape.  
  2. Glue a cupcake liner to the center of the petals and let dry. 
  3. Color your popsicle stick green to make a stem. 
  4. Glue or tape your popsicle stick stem to the back of your flower. 
  5. Take your daffodil with you to search for signs of spring outside.