Marlboro-Sudbury state forest in Hudson, Mass.

By Robert Burgess
Tower Hill staff

As we all do our best to become social distancing experts, and our favorite museums like Tower Hill Botanic Garden are closed, public hiking areas are a great place to visit. My family has been spending a lot of time exploring trails near our home. We’re following the CDC’s guidelines, not having friends join us, staying six feet away from any other hikers we encounter, using hand sanitizer when we get back to our car.

Assabet Nature Trail in Hudson, Mass.

Now is the perfect time to revisit some of your favorite hiking spots or to finally try out areas you’ve never had to time to explore. If you need some ideas, most town’s have a governmental website where you can search for public trails in your community.

Marlborough-Sudbury state forest in Stow, Mass.

Before you head into the woods, make sure you make a few simple preparations. The Cub Scouts suggest the Six Essentials: water, snack, whistle, flashlight, sun protection, and a first aid kit. It’s always a good idea to make sure you have a full charge on your phone, dress in layers, wear sturdy footwear, bring insect repellent, and let someone else know where you’re going to be. I like to take a picture of the map of the area I’m about to enter. When you’re done, make sure to do a tick check.

Danforth Conservation Area in Hudson, Mass.

There are many mental and health benefits to being outdoors. And we all need a break from cabin fever. So if we are to make something positive out of these uncertain times, let’s take advantage of this forced time away from work and school to get back to nature.

Danforth Conservation Area in Bolton, Mass.

“Remember, get outside, get into nature, and make your own discoveries!”
~Dr. Scott Sampson, Dinosaur Train