Dear Members,  

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. Like many member-supported museums and public institutions we have made the  decision to close, to maintain social distancing, and to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We truly value your support during this difficult situation. (You can see our latest updates here.)

As you know Tower Hill grounds, trails, and buildings are closed until further notice We are constantly evaluating the COVID-19 threat and will make the decision when to reopen based on information provided to us by local, state, and federal officials. The membership department and Tower Hill’s leadership team are considering how best to serve our members during this uncertain time particularly once we are able to open. We will keep you apprised of the ever changing situation. You can monitor our status on our website and Facebook page.  

As a nonprofit botanic garden, we are vitally dependent on your support, now more than ever. We understand that our closure means you are not able to enjoy our gardens and trails, particularly during the spring season. Your commitment helps us make a real difference in the community year in and year out. It allows us to protect invaluable history, like the restoration of our heirloom apple orchard. And it allows us to grow and thrive with upcoming projects like The Ramble.

Regarding membership processing, we are able to accept membership purchases online and through the mail. Membership payments received through the mail will be processed at a slower rate than normal. All membership cards are currently on hold and will be sent to you when we can do so safely. Membership purchasers will receive an email confirmation that can be used as a temporary membership card.  

If your membership is up for renewal soon, we hope you will continue to support the Garden and our mission of connecting people with plants and nature. Thank you for supporting our work and helping us to continue to share our values and mission to Worcester County and beyond.   

Best wishes,
Tower Hill staff