Fall foliage is returning to Burncoat Neighborhood


By Derek Lirange Every fall thousands of people come to New England to see the trees do their magical performance of changing colors before shedding their leaves for the winter. While our forested hillsides and mountains are beautiful any time of year, there is perhaps no time more iconic for our landscape than this. [...]

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Tree Pruning Tips for Beginners


By Derek Lirange I have had the opportunity to prune a lot of trees and teach a lot of people how to prune trees. Most of my experience is in pruning small street trees, about 20 feet tall or less. Pruning street trees is a specific style of pruning and pruning trees when they’re [...]

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Clark University students learn while they work in the urban forest


By Derek Lirange & Ruth Seward College students in Worcester are literally getting their hands dirty working on trees in the community. The Worcester Tree Initiative Program of Tower Hill Botanic Garden has developed a close working partnership with Clark University Professor John Rogan and the Clark’s Geography Department students. Throughout the years WTI [...]

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5 tips for an eco-friendly lawn care approach


Traditional approaches to lawn care can be hard on the environment. Using irrigation, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and fertilizer can put a strain on your local habitat (and wallet). There are organic alternatives, however, than can save you money while helping the flora and fauna that call your neighborhood home.  If it’s green, let it [...]

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Planting with Art Students in Greendale


ArtReach students from Abby Kelley Foster Charter School helped plant four trees at the Greendale Eagle War Memorial. By Derek Lirange On a recent Tuesday Tower Hill’s Worcester Tree Initiative program had the opportunity to plant with students of the ArtReach after school program at the park across the street from their [...]

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