Tower Hill Botanic Garden CEO Grace Elton is pleased to announce that Twigs Cafe is now Farmer and the Fork.

Peppers Artful Events, a 30-year-old Northborough-based business specializing in fine catering throughout Central Massachusetts, is managing the dining experience at Tower Hill.

Elton, along with Tower Hill leadership, spent much of last year assessing the potential of our year-round cafe to better serve our visitors and members. After an exhaustive search, Peppers, owned by Susan and John Lawrence,  was selected to take the reins.

“At Tower Hill, our specialty is connecting people to plants and we’re attracting more visitors than ever before to the gardens,” said Elton. “Peppers specializes in connecting guests with delicious local food. It became clear that this would be a perfect match.”

The Lawrences have been supporters of Tower Hill since its inception in 1986 and have a long history with the Garden. As a preferred vendor, regular visitors to Tower Hill will recognize the work Peppers has done at many functions throughout the years, from stylish weddings to private functions such as the gatherings of the John Green Society and our recent New Members Night.

“We’ve always enjoyed the opportunity to serve great food in such a stunning setting,” said Susan Lawrence. “This partnership allows both Peppers and Tower Hill to grow together.”

Farmer and the Fork will provide guests with the quality, options, and speed needed to meet the demand and expectations of the growing number of visitors to Tower Hill.

“While the cafe may look and feel different to longtime members,” Elton said, “we’re certain patrons will appreciate the adjustments needed to provide a vibrant and healthy dining experience to our visitors. We know that our guests are in good hands with Susan and John Lawrence, and Chef/Manager Karen McCarthy.”

For more information, visit, where more details about the changes will be highlighted as they happen.