Tower Hill invites floral entries for In Bloom

Tower Hill Botanic Garden photo

Tower Hill Botanic Garden encourages flowers loves to submit arrangements for one or both weekends of our In Bloom festivities. This year each weekend for In Bloom has a different theme. Professionals, amateurs, and hobbyists alike are invited to contribute floral creations for display on either weekend of In Bloom.

The first weekend, February 10-11, has the theme Earth, Wind, and Flower. This weekend floral designers will be inspired by the elements, earth, water, fire, and air to create unique, cutting-edge arrangements.

The second weekend, February 17 – 18, has the theme of Stem Punk. Designers are invited to create innovative steampunk-inspired floral designs, bringing botanical flair to the iconic teapots, clocks, and zeppelins of the steampunk aesthetic.

Your arrangement should fit within the basic confines of the pedestal (12 inch x 12 inch top). The goal is to create an arrangement which is stable, easy to maintain, leak-proof, and composed of fresh flowers, plant material, and a container.


  • Please use freshly cut plant material.
  • Certain materials are prohibited: Plants listed on the Massachusetts Prohibited Plant List
  • Please note that a specific location for your arrangement is not guaranteed, and may be moved by Tower Hill staff as needed.
  • Flowers and plant material must be properly conditioned to last through the three days of the event.
  • Please be sure that your container does not leak and is stable. Please test your container with water and a plant material similar to what will be used to be sure it works.
  • All staging, including pedestals, will be provided by Tower Hill.
  • Tower Hill will do all it can to keep all entries secure, but cannot be responsible for loss or damage to exhibitor’s property.
  • Tower Hill will provide signage for each display.
  • Watering instructions should be left with Tower Hill staff if your design will need to be maintained.


You may set up between the hours of 8am and 5pm on the Friday before the show. Arrangements must be in place by 5pm on Friday. Upon arrival, you may drive to the rear of the building to unload. Please move your vehicle back to the main parking area immediately after unloading. Tower Hill staff members or volunteers will be present to direct you to your assigned display space. Vehicles are not permitted on the gravel pathways located on the east side of the building, and are not allowed to park on any grass or mulched areas. If the off-loading area is congested when you arrive, please be patient; we will try to get people unloaded and vehicles moved as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.