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Let’s celebrate our love of plants. Share a picture of your botanical tattoo and we’ll enter you in a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to Tower Hill’s Garden Shop.


  1. We want to see your plant-themed tattoo, but no racy photos please. We’re a family-friendly organization!
  2. One chance to win per person.
  3. Submissions must be received by May 1 at noon.
  4. Your submission gives us permission to share your photo on Tower Hill’s social media platforms.
  5. Your submission gives us permission to display your photo at Tower Hill’s Botanic Tattoo Weekend on July 8 & 9.
  6. Winners will be selected at random from among the submissions.

How to submit

  1. You can email your submission to
  2. You can use the hashtag #towerhilltattoo on Instagram or Twitter.
  3. You can message us on Facebook, attach your image to a comment on our Facebook post, or post your image to our Facebook timeline.

No botanical tattoo? No problem! There is still time to stop by your favorite tattoo parlor and share what you get with us.

And don’t forget to ink Botanical Tattoo Weekend onto your calendar. At this event Tower Hill will celebrate plants and tattoos. You’ll have the chance to speak with tattoo artists, see examples in person, and perhaps be inspired by the gardens of Tower Hill to create your ideal design.