Tower Hill Botanic Garden Adjusts Admission Rates for 2017 

Visitors and guests are the cornerstone of a vibrant Tower Hill Botanic Garden and we couldn’t be more grateful for all you have contributed over the years. Last year, one of our most successful, was our 30th year in Boylston. This year, we celebrate our 175th year as a horticultural society, the third oldest continually-operating society of its kind in the country. In this day and age, when there are limitless recreational and entertainment possibilities, more people than ever are visiting our New England garden on a hill, becoming members, and telling their friends and family not to miss out. It’s quite extraordinary and we are thankful for your support in making it possible.

Evolving to suit the needs of current guests and future generations has been an important strategy in not only lasting, but thriving, over the decades. As we look ahead, we want to ensure we hand this amazing institution over in the best possible shape to the next generation, while making sure we’re offering current visitors what they are looking for to live healthy, happy lives. As you may know, Tower Hill hopes to send each visitor home with exciting ideas about how to grow more plants and why horticulture is so important to a healthy community and planet.

Our first priority for restructuring admission fees was to reduce the price for youth ages six to eighteen. This is especially important because, as research has shown, connecting children to plants and nature at a young age fosters life-long appreciation for the environment. We want more children than ever to experience plants and nature at Tower Hill.

To balance the reduction in youth admission, we added a modest increase to adult entry fees. We don’t take such action lightly, knowing that many families are facing tough economic times. Because we don’t want anyone to be prevented from experiencing the benefits of attending a botanic garden, we offer admission discounts for EBT card holders and local library members with access to half-off passes.

Our hope is that you will see a few extra dollars in admission as an investment in the future. Just as we opened The Garden Within Reach in 2016, a space for all to access plants, we have further gardens and programs in the planning stages. Anyone who visits should leave with the knowledge that they contributed to everything they see and will see down the road.

For those who visit regularly, now might be the perfect time to consider purchasing a membership, which pays for itself in just a few visits and comes with a host of additional benefits. Our membership rates will remain unchanged in 2017.

To everyone reading this, thank you for your interest and support of our nonprofit organization. We consider you a critical part of the Tower Hill family. Please don’t hesitate to send your feedback ( at any time of the year. We’re committed to constant improvement – and to making the coming years the best in Tower Hill’s history.

For more details on hours and admission visit here.