Beat the winter blues with these 6 nature-inspired tips

If you’re feeling down, bummed out, overwhelmed, worried, anxious – regardless of the circumstance – here are six things to do to help make yourself feel better.

These examples are Tower Hill-focused, but you can find similar activities wherever you are on this beautiful planet of ours.

1. Plant something 



If it’s too cold to plant outside where you are, look inside. An indoor window box full of herb seeds will work wonders. Experiment with forcing bulbs. Or collect a few new houseplants to tend to (our Garden Shop has a wonderful assortment of succulents and air plants). Plenty of studies show the health benefits of houseplants.

2. Plan something



Give yourself something to look forward to. Perhaps a visit to your favorite botanic garden for a special event like Winter In Bloom.

3. Give something

Nothing is more valuable than your time. And few things are as rewarding as giving back to the nonprofits you care so much about. So volunteer, even a little, if you can.

4. Walk someplace



Studies continue to show the immense value taking a walk, particularly in nature, can have on our physical and mental health. Tower Hill has winter hikes, several miles of trails, and, more than likely, there is a wooded trail within reach no matter where you are.

5. Learn something



Here at Tower Hill we offer classes in yoga, photography, Vegetable Gardening 101, and so much more. When we fill our minds with new ideas and skills, it leaves less space for worries.

6. Be part of something

Try to make your small corner of the world a better place. Here at Tower Hill we do that by bringing inner city children to the gardens to learn about horticulture, building spaces that help more of us get closer to plants, supporting efforts to rebuild urban forests, and more. Find a cause that’s important to you and help see it through.