Media organizations from around the country published an article by the Associated Press on Tower Hill Botanic Garden’s new Stickwork exhibit. The artist, Patrick Dougherty, has created original larger-than-life installations from twigs and saplings at more than 270 locations around the world.

The New York Times, the Seattle Times, Salon.com, and Washington Post were among the more than two dozen media outlets who published the AP article for their readers.

And while Tower Hill staff don’t expect a rush of visitors of Texas, Indiana, Michigan, Albany, and the many other cities who received the news from Boylston, Massachusetts, working with an artist of Dougherty’s international acclaim helps build name recognition for the 30-year-old botanic garden. It’s the kind of headline that builds the momentum needed to grow over the next 30 year chapter of the nonprofit’s existence.

It’s also a note of well-deserved recognition for the dozens of volunteers who helped Dougherty bring the Wild Rumpus to life, and a fascinating bit of storytelling one can appreciate no matter how far he or she is from our small corner of the world. And if you happen to be within a day’s drive of Tower Hill, now may be the time to take that road trip to see what the exhibit, gardens, and region is all about.

You can read the complete article here: