Boston Globe: Carnivorous plants attract more than bugs


This year's Carnivorous Plant Show, brought to us by the New England Carnivorous Plant Society, is on Sept. 10 and 11, from 10-5 on Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday. To get a sense of what the event is like, please read this article the Boston Globe wrote about last year's experience. Click here for more information on [...]

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Are there any benefits to gardening in a drought?


By Robert Burgess Tower Hill Staff Here in Massachusetts, some towns have received about eight inches less than the normal amount of rain expected by this time of year. Clearly, we'd all prefer the normal conditions we've all come to expect. Plants, farmers and wildlife are clearly suffering as explained in this recent Boston Globe article. [...]

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Washington Post: Stick sculptor gains global following


We at are extraordinarily grateful to artist Patrick Dougherty, and his team of volunteers, for creating his latest Stickwork installation at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, Massachusetts. The Wild Rumpus is spectacular and attracting writers, photographers, and visitors from near and far. You can read the complete article from the Washington Post about the exhibit, which runs through [...]

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Stickwork helps put Tower Hill on the map


*** Media organizations from around the country published an article by the Associated Press on Tower Hill Botanic Garden's new Stickwork exhibit. The artist, Patrick Dougherty, has created original larger-than-life installations from twigs and saplings at more than 270 locations around the world. The New York Times, the Seattle Times,, and Washington Post were among [...]

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Cary Award winning plants 2016 


The 2016 winners of the prestigious Cary Award are the Dawn Redwood and the Japanese White Pine. For nearly 20 years the Worcester County Horticultural Society and Tower Hill Botanic Garden have been extolling the virtue of outstanding trees, shrubs, groundcovers and woody vines for cultivation in zone 5 gardens through the Cary Award program. [...]

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