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You may have jumped on the Yoga bandwagon, but are you getting the full benefits?

1) Find true balance…

From the basic downward dog to the Vrksasana (Tree Pose), many yoga poses are focused on “grounding.” This means focusing on the body’s connection to the Earth. What better way to truly find this connection than being outdoors with Earth at your fingertips? Also, the natural unevenness and differing textures of the ground help to further challenge your balance no matter the pose.

2) Make each breath count!

If you have ever practiced yoga, you know that breathing is extremely important. Your brain needs 20 percent of your body’s oxygen, so breathing in fresh air outdoors directly increases clarity in your brain, and significantly increases your energy level. Not to mention breathing in fresh air sends signals to our brains that we are in our natural habitat, causing us to be more alert and therefore also increasing our energy levels.

3) No background music needed!

During indoor yoga sessions, instructors often play music in the background which includes recorded sounds of nature. When you’re outdoors, there is no need for this! From birds chirping, to the simple sound of the wind, nothing can beat the background sound of the great outdoors.

4) The Sun isn’t your enemy!

Studies show that over 40 percent of the U.S. population is Vitamin D deficient. This is due to the excessive amount of time we spend indoors. Yes, overexposure to the sun is unhealthy for your skin, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid it all together. Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most harmful deficiencies as it can lead to many health issues such as cancer, dementia, schizophrenia, depression, and heart disease. One outdoor yoga session will give you more than enough of your daily Vitamin D requirement!

5) Embrace the Unpredictable…

One of the most difficult things for us to grasp in life is the unsettling feeling of the unpredictable. What is more unpredictable than nature? Yoga outdoors allows us to embrace this unpredictability and instead find serenity in the moment.

Click on here to register for Yoga by Nature with instructor Jennie Backstrom, Wednesday evenings from 6:00-7:15 pm at Tower Hill Botanic Garden!