Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. New stories arise about new relationships and discoveries made through this game. Tower Hill is no exception and we invite Pokemon Trainers big and small to our gardens in a quest to catch ‘em all.


1) 132 Acres of Pokemon

Because of our expansive grounds, there is an abundance of Pokemon that thrive in gardens and woodlands. Here, you will find many bug Pokemon, like Caterpie and Weedle, featured friends like Pidgey and Spearow, as well as furry creatures like Eevee. There has been a Krabby spotted hanging out with Castor and Pollux, our bronze turtle fountains in the Winter Garden. Evolved forms of these Pokemon have been found on occasion as well. Let us know what rare and exciting Pokemon you find throughout our grounds!

Pokemon Go 2a

2) Load Up on Pokemon Training Supplies

There are over ten Pokestops at Tower Hill, offering many opportunities to load up on Pokeballs, health potions, and eggs. These stops lie throughout the formal gardens and education center, as well as in the woodland Inner Park. Avid Pokemon Trainers will be eager to explore the grounds on the hunt for these treasure chests, while their companions will appreciate being taken to new places at Tower Hill. Ask for information about the audio tour at the Welcome Desk to accompany your Pokemon hunt to learn the history behind many of these Pokestops.

Pokemon Go 2b

3) Become Pokemon Master of Tower Hill

Tower Hill boasts two Pokemon Gyms near the Temple of Peace in the Inner Park and at the Statue of Pan by the Moss Steps. Currently, Team Mystic has dominated both of these gyms since Pokemon Go launched, but we encourage Team Instinct and Team Valor to make a stand. The Temple of Peace is a restful spot for contemplation and reflection, dedicated harmony among all people, which needs to be defended against the forces that threaten that mission. Pan, on the other hand, is a playful spirit, who stirs up mischief in the forest. By claiming this gym, you will become Lord of the Wild with Pan by your side.

Pokemon Go 4a

4) Enjoy a Woodland Hike and Hatch Your Pokemon Eggs

Tower Hill’s formal gardens are surrounded by many acres of woodlands with numerous trails. As you walk to hatch your Pokemon, hike up to the summit of Tower Hill, where a surveying tower once stood to plan for Wachusett Reservoir. Now, you can experience breathtaking views of the reservoir and Wachusett Mountain. Then, follow the trails through the Inner Park, stopping to see what Pokemon inhabit the Folly. The Wildlife Refuge Pond is a great place to stop for a rest and watch for Great Blue Heron. Perhaps a Psyduck will be watering here as well!

Pokemon Go 4b

We are excited to welcome Pokemon Trainers to Tower Hill, but we remind all visitors to stay on marked trails and lawn, as to not disturb the gardens or upset the wildlife. In addition to Pokemon, we are home to many other animals and want to keep them and you safe.

Pokemon Go Basics 

What is Pokemon? 

In 1995, a Japanese company released a series of trading cards featuring mythical creatures called “Pokemon,” along with videos games, animated television series, and movies featuring two young Pokemon trainers Ash Ketchum and Misty. Pokemon trainers travel the world looking for Pokemon to capture and train to battle against evil. In reality, kids and adults would collect Pokemon cards, like baseball cards of yesteryear, with their favorite Pokemon and battle each other in a card game.

What is Pokemon Go? 

Pokemon Go is an augmented-reality game where players use their cell phones to find Pokemon, cache in at Pokestops (treasure chests), and battle in Pokemon Gyms at real world locations. Pokemon Go requires players to walk to real world locations and new landmarks to level-up and find unique Pokemon. Like the Pokemon world created in 1995, certain Pokemon are common and others are rare, as well as live in particular habitats. For example, near the ocean you will find water Pokemon, which look similar to fish and ocean mammals.

Did Tower Hill opt into Pokemon or pay for Pokemon Go in the gardens? 

Not at all. The developers of Pokemon Go used existing maps, such as Google and Apple Maps, and public databases of landmarks and monuments to create the world of Pokemon Go. Locations with a high density of public access have more opportunities for Pokemon Go activity. As Tower Hill is open to the public, the game lives throughout our grounds without any intervention from our staff.