This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to volunteer to help create the largest participatory outdoor exhibit in Tower Hill’s 30-year history.


Internationally acclaimed artist Patrick Dougherty is bringing his Stickwork sculptures to Tower Hill this August and he needs volunteers to help make his original creations come to life. Dougherty uses saplings, twigs, and sticks – all responsibly harvested from area woodlands – to weave and create large stickwork structures that remain on the grounds until they begin to naturally breakdown. His exhibits have been raised all over the world and no two are the same.

Anyone interested in volunteering must contact Suzanne Hauerstein of Tower Hill at 508-869-6111, Extension 175, or by email at, to schedule a time to participate. Opportunities include harvesting, leaf stripping, and constructing during the second, third, and fourth week in August. Repeat volunteers are encouraged for the construction volunteer positions, but others can be on an a day to day basis. Please only commit to one shift per day as this is very physical work.

From our nonprofit’s perspective, this is an opportunity to celebrate our 30 years in Boylston. The Worcester County Horticultural Society has been connecting people and plants for 175 years, but never like this. The organic structures bring form to plants to help us see them in new and wondrous ways. We expect this exhibit to draw many returning and new visitors to the grounds, which supports our mission and expands our reach. Volunteers can feel proud they are contributing to Tower Hill’s future. You can learn more about the upcoming exhibit here.