By Rebecca Jacobs 

You know you love them, but these popular perennials have some interesting aspects… 

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  1. They may outlive you… 

That’s right, peonies can live to be over 100 years old!  


  1. Let the bugs be! 

Have you ever gone to smell a luscious peony bloom, only to be faced with an army of ants? This is because ants are attracted to the sweet nectar produced by peonies. Don’t attempt to spray them away though! These harmless ants are actually keeping away bud- eating pests.  


  1. Feed them a banana! 

Okay, maybe fertilizer would be better, but peonies love potassium! Potassium means more blooms, stronger stems to support them, and disease resistance. 

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  1. Not only roots in the ground…  

Peonies may be the unofficial national flower of China, but they have roots in ancient Greece. The name “Peony” came from Paeonthe physician to the Greek gods. It is said that he discovered the root of a plant on Mt. Olympus that would help with childbirth pains. His teacher got jealous and threatened to kill him, so Zeus turned Paeon into a peony plant to protect him.  


  1. More than just looks 

Peonies are one of the most popular flowers chosen for weddings. This is no surprise due to their heartiness and pure impressive beauty. However, Peonies are also believed to bring good fortune and a happy marriage. What more could one ask for in a flower? 

(All photos are of peonies at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, Massachusetts.)