Daffodils of Tower Hill inspire the poet in all of us

We placed a journal at the top of the Field of Gold and asked visitors to write poetry about the daffodils. Here are some of our favorites by guests of all ages.



Field of Stars
A plain of golden
Stars each capturing, keeping
And saving sunlight



Hush! The field calls;
Bright and open, the cow despairs
The flowers wilt in the sun,
and the cow nudges with his nose
the drooping daffodils.
He doesn’t think much, but,
today is a warm spring day.
Can you stay forever? No.
Can you stay now, today?


Time well spent in
the daffodil fields today
A tiny seed, that is part
mine lays among the
Vibrant yellows and green
reflect in her eyes.
I smile and think
How beautiful a thought
two types of seeds
Sown with Love, Nurturing
and time are Laying
before me.
A peaceful sigh from
the wind.
Continual growth,
Filled with Such a
gracious Bloom.
Time well spent
in every way in
the daffodil field today.


Botanical –
so calming!


Nodding in the breeze
Their golden crowns to the sky
They are joy itself


Like stars poking out from a
deep sea of green. A path-way
to heaven and peace.


Peace at a field
Is like noise at a city.
It is meant to be.


Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Daffodils are Rays of Sunshine
Beaming at you.

Golden DeLight
Happy and free
Bowing their heads
To honor you be.

Spread your Love over
the beauty you see
and you’ll enjoy
the All that you seek.


I climbed upon the hill
So I could get my fill
It’s so wonderful
to sit and watch
the lovely daffodils

Happy Sunny faces
Bring joy to all who
The hill on which
their place is
The Sunny Daffodils


I daffodiled ’till I laughodiled
And I ate my sweet


Daffodils bring joy
yellow flowers give us love
Petals warmed by sun.


flowers, flowers every where
they will never be compared
one looks up, one looks down
all planted in the ground
some are big and some are small
they don’t bloom in the winter or fall
We love to see them in the spring
a smile they do bring


Daffodils are great,
Oh how I love daffodils
Bright yellow flowers.


Layered in blankets of
warming rays
The gift of earth’s blooms
And kiss spring’s face
and grace all that meet.


Bright yellow and white
Daffodils standing tall
glimmer so perfect