Historical Audio Tour

Try our new Self-Guided Historical Audio Tour on your next visit to Tower Hill to receive an even deeper appreciation of our 10 formal gardens and apple orchard.

First, download a copy of our property’s map or request a printed version at our Reception Desk. We have audio narratives from one to two minutes assigned to each of the red numbered stops on the map.

Then, decide how you would like to listen.

You can visit tinyurl.com/thbgaudiotour, using your smartphone’s mobile data when out of reach of Tower Hill’s wifi, to listen to as many stops as you would like along the way. You can bring your own earbuds from home, listen on your phone’s speakers, or purchase earbuds at the Reception Desk for $1.

Or you can borrow Tower Hill’s iPod from the Reception Desk. It is loaded with the 11 different audio stops listed on the map. You can purchase earbuds at the Reception Desk for $1 or borrow our headphones.

Please feel free to send feedback to rburgess@towerhillbg.org.