The Massachusetts Orchid Society presents

Orchid Show and Sale

  November 6 - 8

Be dazzled by incredible displays of blooming orchids and orchid-related artwork exhibited throughout Tower Hill’s Stoddard Education and Visitor Center. There will be potting and culture demonstrations, guided tours, sales featuring plants, supplies and orchid artwork, as well as a raffle.

Show Hours

Friday, Nov 6 – 1pm-5pm
Saturday, Nov 7 – 9am-5pm
Sunday, Nov 8 – 9am-4pm 

Orchids grow on every continent, except Antarctica, their flowers coveted for their eye-catching beauty and mysterious shapes. The history of orchid flowers can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman times when people only knew of terrestrial (grow on the ground) orchids. In the 15th century in Mexico, epiphytes (grow on trees) were being cultivated for perfume and culinary use, vanilla extraction. By the end of the 18th century, 15 species of orchids, collected from the West Indies and China were grown at Royal Botanic Gardens in Great Britain. Today, whether to satisfy scientific pursuits or a hobbyist’s fancy, orchids are renowned throughout the world and people are passionate about adding new and different species and hybrids to their orchid collections.



Presented by the Massachusetts Orchid Society