Daylily Exhibition

Saturday, July 26 - 1:30pm to 4:30pm

The New England Daylily Society presents a Daylily Exhibition where daylily enthusiasts from all over New England show their best grown, best groomed daylily flowers.

Daylilies are the "perfect" perennial since they are low maintenance, tough, hardy, and drought-tolerant. Their diversity is in the color palette, height, and flower form and pattern. Every garden needs some daylilies. By planting both early-blooming and late-blooming daylilies, you can extend the bloom season from late spring to October. Three to four varieties of daylilies together can create a stunning garden. 

The show will feature hundreds of cut flowers of daylilies in their breathtaking variety of form and color. A limited selection of choice daylily plants will also be for sale. The exhibition is included with regular admission to the Garden.

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Exhibition Schedule

12:15pm - Raffle Drawing.  Theater. (Pre-register for the raffle at the NEDS membership table in the Northwest Link beginning at 11:30am)

12:30pm"The Diversity of Daylilies" - a presentation by Mike Huben, Daylily Hybridizer. Theater

Modern daylilies are no longer just tall orange and short yellow.  Colors also range from white to near black, through pinks, melons, reds and purples.  Heights vary from 12 inches to six feet, and flower sizes from 2 inches to 12 inches.  Varied forms and color patterns increase the diversity still further.  These are not your grandmother’s daylilies!

1:30pm - The judged Daylily Show opens to the public for viewing. Classrooms A&B