2014 Flower Shows

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Camellia Show:  March 1-2

See hundreds of gorgeous flowers at the peak of their display—both on the Camellia trees themselves as part of Tower Hill's own collection in the Limonaia, and also in bowls of floating blossoms from private collections.

African Violet Show:  April 26-27

The Bay State African Violet Society puts on another spectacular show featuring America's favorite houseplant, the African Violet (Saintpaulia sp.).

Daffodil Show:  May 3-4

The annual Seven States Daffodil Show features hundreds of cut daffodil flowers gathered from gardens in New England and New York state. Held simultaneously with the National Primrose Show.

Primrose Show:  May 3-4

Most people probably know Primroses as the ubiquitous potted plants with bright pastel flowers that land in every garden center and grocery store in February and March to brighten winter's darkest days. Held simultaneously with the 7-States Daffodil Show.

Rose Show:  June 22

The Rose, often considered the "Queen of Flowers," and the U.S. National Flower, will be the subject of a colorful and fragrant exhibit.

Lily Show:  July 19-20

Enjoy hundreds of lily flowers at the 55th Annual Lily Show, presented by the New England Lily Society at Tower Hill Botanic Garden.

Daylily Show:  July 26

The daylily is often called "the perfect perennial", due to its brilliant colors, ability to tolerate drought and to thrive in many different climate zones, and generally low maintenance. The New England Daylily Society presents a Daylily Exhibition where daylily enthusiasts show their best grown, best groomed daylily flowers.

Herb Show:  August 1-2

Discover the exciting culinary, medicinal, and aromatic qualities of herbs.

Begonia and Gesneriad Show:  September 20-21

Beautiful begonias and gesneriads, among America's favorite houseplants, will be on display at this indoor show. Discover the diversity in form, foliage, and flower of this amazing group of plants.

Orchid Show:  October 31-November 2

Be dazzled by incredible displays of blooming orchids created by hobbyists and commerical exhibitors.

Garden Club Federation Flower Show:  November 7-9

Enjoy color and artistry as garden club members present 60 floral designs, unique botanical arts and crafts, and educational displays.


Please note:  The Bonsai and Cactus/Succulent shows will not be held at Tower Hill Botanic Garden this year. Please contact each of the plant societies directly for information on their 2014 shows.

Event dates are subject to change. Call before your visit.