Memorials and Bequests

Create a Memorial

Another creative way to assure a lasting effect is to select a commemorative object, such as a bench, sculpture or other garden feature. For information about commemorative opportunities contact the Development Office or 508.869.6111 x114.

Create a Named Fund

For information about creating a Named Fund contact the Development Office or 508.869.6111 x114

Interment at Tower Hill

Although Tower Hill is a garden of great beauty and inspiring tranquility it is not, in the classic sense, a consecrated cemetery. Yet, since the garden first opened, members and friends have expressed their desire that Tower Hill be the final resting place of cremated remains (cremains) of family members and/or companion animals.

The most requested preference is to place cremains in contact with the roots of trees or other plants. The belief—and reality— is that cremains contribute to the health of the soil and the added nutrients are, in part, absorbed by the plant, generating a "living tribute" to the departed.

Learn more

To learn more about memorial options and interment at Tower Hill, read the policy fact sheet. For more information, we invite you to contact the Development Office at 508.869.6111 x114.