Inside the Orangerie : A perfect place to read--in the semi-tropical climate of Tower Hill's Orangerie.
Angel's Trumpet : These gorgeous flowers are fragrant at night. During the summer these plants decorate the Systematic Garden and other spots; during the winter they continue the show in the Orangerie.
Cupid Statue in the Inner Park : Cupid sits atop a column in the Inner Park, readying his arrow for another "victim'; many marriage proposals have been made here!
Daffodil Field : Photo Courtesy Ahsan Enver.

An enormous planting of more than 25,000 daffodils creates a field of gold in late April and early May.
Double Pergolas in the Secret Garden : These double pergolas represent the delineation from the Lawn Garden to the Secret Garden. In addition to being decorative, the pergolas provide support for annual flowering vines.
Entry Garden : A panoramic shot of the many blooming trees and shrubs in the Entry Garden. Photo courtesy Ahsan Enver.
Autumn in the Lawn Garden : Autumn splendor in the Lawn Garden where many varieties of trees and shrubs put on a spectacular fall show.
French Sitting Season - Winter : Four statues in the Secret Garden represent the four seasons - here Winter is shown warming her hand by a fire and wrapped in a shawl.
Harrow : This is the seat of the garden Harrow--an old piece of farm equipment that was left on the property when the Horticultural Society purchased the land in 1986.
Inside the Limonaia : The Limonaia, opened in 2010, houses the bulk of the Garden's Camellia collection, but is also home to lemons and other citrus plants.
Mountain Laurel : Tower Hill's Lawn Garden displays a number of varieties of this popular shrub native to New England, and valued for its late blooming period.
Orangerie in Summer : The Orangerie, opened in 1999, houses potted semi-tropical plants during winter, but in the summer they move outdoors to decorate outdoor garden spaces.
Swedish Urn : The Swedish Urn in the Systematic Garden, with a backdrop of ornamental grasses.
The Winter Garden and Domitian's Pool : A scene of the Winter Garden shortly after it was completed in 2010, with Domitian's Pool in the center and two Turtle Fountains, known as "Castor" and "Pollux"