Mission & Objectives

As stated in the Society's Charter adopted March 3, 1842 and readopted March 20, 2003, the Society exists as an educational organization "for the purpose of advancing the science and encouraging and improving the practice of horticulture."

The Society shall fulfill this purpose by pursing the following objectives:

  1. To establish a botanic garden of the highest educational and aesthetic quality at Tower Hill, displaying superior woody and herbaceous plants suited to New England conditions, and to develop, test, introduce and disseminate selected varieties;
  2. To develop and maintain the proper facilities necessary to keep the garden open to the public;
  3. To provide educational services to the public, students and professionals in the fields of horticulture and related subjects;
  4. To maintain a library that is open to the public and consistent with the objectives of the Society;
  5. To provide scholarships and recognition for students of horticulture and to give awards for horticultural excellence to gardeners and exhibitors;
  6. To promote appreciation for horticulture in its relationship to wildlife, ecology, and other aspects of the natural environment;
  7. To provide services requiring horticultural or botanical expertise to public and private institutions; and
  8. To cooperate with horticultural and botanical institutions, plant societies, and related organizations.