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In Bloom is a three-weekend event celebrating flowers in the winter. Escape from the winter into Tower Hill’s lush conservatories, view stunning floral displays, and learn more about floral design at demos and talks by experts.

With conservatory tours, talks on garden planning and rhododendron hybridization, and kids activities, there is something for everyone at this weekend. Floral designers will be inspired by the elements of earth, water, fire, and air to create unique, cutting-edge arrangements.

Saturday, February 10, 11am–12pm,  Floral Design Demo with Flowers by Justine
Saturday, February 10, 2–3pm, Presentation on Rhododendron Diversity: Discover the diversity of Rhododendron foliage and flowers – and find out which grow best in New England. Register here.
Sunday, February 11, 11am–12pm, Floral Design Demo with Mimosa Fresh Flower Design
Sunday, February 11, 2:30–3:30pm, Presentation on Plant Combinations for a Long Season of Bloom: Extend your garden season with hands-on advice from award-winning garden designer Warren Leach. Register here.

Kids Activities:
Kids can explore how the elements earth, wind, fire, and water inspire arrangements of different colors and make a paper flower collage to take home.


This weekend’s celebration of flowers is inspired by Steampunk, a literary and artistic genre that mixes elements of modern technology, fantastical fiction, and Victorian-era history and fashion. Experience imaginative floral arrangements and explore Tower Hill’s Steampunk-inspired conservatory displays. Participate in a botanical Steampunk costume contest or take in a talk on gardening.

Saturday, February 17, 11am–12noon, The Budget-Wise Gardener with Kerry Mendez: Talk & Book-Signing: Get practical tips on how to create a beautiful home garden without breaking the bank. Register here.
Saturday, February 17, 2–3pm, Floral Design Demo with O Luxe Design
Sunday, February 18, 11am–12pm, Floral Design Demo with Frugal Flower
Sunday, February 18, 11am–3:30pm, Glamelias and Other Botanical Constructions: Glamelia – a vintage style wedding bouquet where petals of inexpensive flowers are combined into fanciful composites, usually with the appearance of a giant rose. Come create your own hybrid flowers to add some magic to winter arrangements. 
Sunday, February 18, 2:30–3:30pm, How to Plan and Grow a Cut Flower Garden: Learn how to create your own cutting garden for fragrant and fresh bouquets all summer long. Register here.

Kids Activities:
Kids will get their gears turning and assemble their own steampunk inspired flower craft.

Enjoy stunning blossoms and trees from the New England Camellia Society and explore Tower Hill’s camellia collection in the conservatories.