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Portrait of a Garden

Portrait of a Garden: Documentary Film Screening
Saturday, February 11, 1–2:40pm
Member $5, Non-member $20
Capturing one year in the life of a c.1630 historic garden in Amsterdam, the magnificent documentary Portrait of a Garden is a transcendent viewing experience. The film has been featured at festivals worldwide. A
In Dutch, with English subtitles.
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Vivian Swift

Gardens of Awe and Folly: A Traveler’s Journal on the Meaning of Life and Gardening – Talk & Book-Signing
Sunday, February 12, 1–2pm
Free with Admission. Pre-registration required.
Presenter: Vivian Swift
Nine masterpiece gardens; nine stories of grandeur, sorrow, disaster, triumph, discovery and joy. A
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In Living Color
Saturday, February 18, 1–2pm
Free with Admission. Pre-registration required.
Presenter: Joann Vieira, Director of Horticulture, Tower Hill
Learn where our horticulture team gets ideas and how we balance the science of growing plants with the art of color. A
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Samantha Best, Magma Design Group

Stems and Stones: A Love Story
Sunday, February 19, 1–2pm
Free with Admission. Pre-registration required.
Presenters: Samantha and Neil Best, Magma Design Group
A lively discussion about the mysteries of working with stone and how plants are the finishing detail to every hardscape. A
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Karyl Evans

The Life and Gardens of Beatrix Farrand: Documentary Film Screening followed by Q & A with Filmmaker
Sunday, February 26, 1–2:30pm
Member $5, Non-member $20
Presenter: Karyl evans, fellow, Yale University
Six-time Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Karyl Evans presents a breathtaking film about Beatrix Farrand’s impressive 50-year career as a landscape architect during the first half of the 20th century. A
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Camellias Past & Present
Saturday, March 4, 2–3pm
Free with Admission
Presenter: Frank Streeter
A basic introduction to camellia care and history. A
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Dawn Davies

Vegetable Gardening 101
Saturday, March 11, 2–3pm
Free with Admission. Pre-registration required.
Presenter: Dawn Davies, Horticulturist, Tower Hill
Learn how to grow the best varieties vegetables in your own yard. B
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Apple Tree Grafting

Heirloom Apple Grafting for the Home Gardener with Broken Arrow Nursery
Sunday, March 12, 1–4pm
Member $60, Non-member $75
Instructor: Adam Wheeler, Broken Arrow Nursery
Join grafting guru Adam Wheeler for this hands-on workshop on grafting heirloom apples. After a lecture, you’ll graft several specimen apples to take home. All materials included. A
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Winter Pruning Demo
Wednesday, March 15, 11am–12:30pm
Free with Admission. Pre-registration required.
Instructor: Joann Vieira, Director of Horticulture, Tower Hill
A demonstration of proper pruning techniques for the dormant season. Rain or shine. B
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Winter Garden

Tower Hill, the First Twenty-five Years: Selective Memories of a Benign Dictator – Talk & Book-signing with John Trexler
Wednesday, June 7, 7-8pm
Free with Admission. Pre-registration required.
Presenter: John Trexler, Worcester County Horticultural Society
Director Emeritus and Founding Director of Tower Hill
Learn how Tower Hill Botanic Garden evolved from a beautiful farm on a hill to an acclaimed public garden. A
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Rock Gardening

Rock Gardening: Reimagining a Classic Style – Talk & Book-Signing
Saturday, March 25, 11am–12noon
Member $15, Non-member $25
Presenter: Joseph Tychonievich
Joseph shares images and ideas to inspire you to take your garden in new directions. I
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Plants, Pollinators and How to Support Them
Saturday, March 25, 1:30–2:30pm
Member $15, Non-member $25
Presenter: Joseph Tychonievich
Learn how plants have evolved to attract their preferred pollinators and discover ways to foster biodiversity in your own garden. Named by Organic Gardening Magazine as one of the “..six young horticulturists who are helping to shape how America gardens,” Joseph has worked for Shibamichi Honten Nursery in Saitama, Japan, wrote Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener (Timber Press, 2013), and spent two years working at the famed rare plants nursery Arrowhead Alpines. His most recent book is Rock Gardening: Reimagining a Classic Style (Timber Press, 2016). A
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Master Gardener Training Class
Massachusetts Master Gardener Association (mmga)
The 2017 MMGA Master Gardener Training Class will begin in April and run through October. For more information & registration: